What is Cockroaches Control?How to get rid of cockroches ?

Cockroaches are a common problem in every house. To find food they go here and there and cockroaches also have the capability to hide themselves in shelves, cabinets, drains, within kitchen appliances, in electrical control boxes and wherever else they can fit. It Causes of many diseases in human being that’s why a good cockroaches pest control is required which control these worst kinds of bed bugs in India to stop infestation at primary level 

How to get rid of Cockroaches?


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Disease and infections from Cockroaches

Food contamination –

Cockroaches come to eat all kinds of food items. Dead foods, animals, excreta (faecal matter), gum, soap, paper, leather, broken hair, egg peel, etc. are used in anything other than food. They work by spreading the infection at night.

Causes of infection of many diseases-

When they eat food, the bacteria in their stomach are released by saliva which causes problems in digestion, urinary tract infections, danger of sepsis Increase is there.

Invasion of body parts-

These cockroaches not only invade your houses but also infect the body parts, such as trying to enter into the ear or nose while sleeping. There is a possibility of small cockroaches entering

Food poisoning –

A reduction in the epidemic of food poisoning can occur only when there is a decrease in the number of cockroaches, as they are the major source of the spread of the virus called salmonella that causes typhoid and food poisoning.


Allergies are also caused by cockroaches. The saliva that comes out of their mouth causes many types of allergies like rashes, sneezes, water in eyes etc.

Asthma –

These organisms act as an enemy for the patient of asthma. If there is a large number of them in your house, then it can prove dangerous for the asthma patient. Even allergic to cockroach saliva can cause their condition to become stagnant.

Here are some tips on how you can make your home cockroaches free

• Always try to keep your home clean and tidy. Do it at least weekly.

• Clean the kitchen and kitchen sink before sleeping at night.

• Clean your kitchen dustbin everyday and keep it covered.

• Keep the cockroach spray close to kill them on sight. Sprinkle boric acid in a hole or cockroach possible place.

• Try to close the place where cockroaches enter the house.Never leave food items open at night, it will be a means to invite them. Keep everything in a jar or pot with a lid. Clean your freeze once a week.

• Don’t forget to call a good Pest controller at home.

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Why Clear pest Control-Benefits :

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Service Timeframe :

•             Single Service comprises a 1 time service. We also offer 1 year service 2 year service and 3 year Service with great discount for effective cockroach control.        

Warranty :

•             Yearly Service comes best regular inspection and assurance time to time if one opts for a year. We also assure for 100% Cockroaches proof environment in our yearly plans.

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