What are the signs of termites at home?

What Are The Signs Of Termites At Home?

What Are The Signs Of Termites At Home?How termites live ?

to know the answer of What Are The Signs Of Termites At Home? we should know about termites and their lives.so here it is:

A beautiful and pleasant house is the dream of every human being. He makes this dream come true by working hard day and night. In such a way, destructive creatures like termites become an eclipse over this dream. Termites are a major threat to our residential buildings.

Housing is a very important place among the three basic necessities of human life. After working hard for a lifetime, a man builds a small house. This house is his honor, his honor. In winter, summer, sunlight, happiness and sorrow, every season, in every situation, this house gives him a roof, a shelter, it becomes his support. He invests his house in the new house with the same new hope and belief.

But this house becomes not only a place for human beings, but also for many other animals. Often, no matter how many creatures such as cockroaches, mosquitoes, lizards make their habitats and bring many troubles with them.

These creatures, however, are often seen wandering in front of our eyes, but there are some creatures even after which we do not even know that they are present in our homes. One such organism is termite.

Scientific classification

Even though termites are like ants, their scientific classification is considered different from ants and less developed than them. Termites are members of the insecta isoptera class insects, insecta-insects and isoptera with equal wings, that is, termites are insects whose fore and aft wings are of approximately equal size. According to the study, more than 1,500 termite species have been detected so far. 220 different species of termites are found in India itself.

Termites abode

It is believed that termites have been on earth for the last 20-30 lakh years and their mention has also been found in many Puranas and Mahakathas.

According to the study, termites are bed bugs thrive only in hot and temperate regions. It lives in groups by forming settlements, called termitarium or valmic. Which are made from soil, water and termites saliva.

Termites build their colony by mixing their saliva in light wet soil. The liquid present in their saliva becomes hard and strong after drying in the sun. In this way termites are found in or around the soil and in moist places. Termite colonies have different sizes according to their species, region and location. A simple Valmic can be of 2 to 10 feet in height. Even 20-20 feet high termite settlements have also been seen.

Termite social system

Termites living in the same Valmik also have many shapes and sizes. The termites in these settlements range in size from a small ant to a large ant. These settlements are also not ordinary, termite houses ie the settlements have a very organized social system. Workers, soldiers and servants are all in groups of termites to keep these settlements smooth. Every termite living in the same wall has its own function. Each habitation consists of a queen and a king who are feathers and constructors of the habitation. After this some termites are parent and some are sterile. Janak termites are feathery; they advance the caste and build new settlements. Bandhya class termites consist of some termite workers, who according to their respective categories do food gathering, queen care, habitation cleaning and upkeep, and some soldiers, who according to their species have their big jaws Or protect the colony from the enemy by using a spray of narcotics with their trunk.

Termite meal-What does a termite eat?

The main food of termites is cellulose present in dead wood or wood products. That is why termites are the biggest enemy of man-made wood and leather goods. From these chairs, tables, doors, windows, etc., carpets, carpets and books etc. are eaten. Termites do not start eating anything from outside. It sneaks into things silently from one edge and then hollows it out inside itself. This is why we see damage done by termites only after the object is completely destroyed

How come termites in the house

to know What Are The Signs Of Termites At Home? First Understand how termite can enter into the house? Termites can penetrate the houses in many ways, the most prominent of which is direct contact of wood and soil in the houses. This type of termite infection is seen in the houses where the wooden floors, wooden stairs in the porch, the girl touches the soil. Window frames etc. are constructed. Similarly, if there is any kind of cracks or space in the walls of the houses, termites can enter the house with its help. Termites also enter homes through joints in walls and foundations etc. and metal materials such as pipes etc

How to know about termites? What is the first sign of termites?

Termites live in dark, humid and protected environments, which makes them very difficult to find. This is the reason why we do not know of the termites taking place in their homes until serious damage is done. Also, as termites make their way inside by eating wood, it becomes challenging to detect them as well. But there are some common indications that by examining we can estimate the termite around our home or business premises.

The most common sign that termites are in homes or we can say these are what gives indication of the signs of termites at Home.First sign is the presence of mud drains on the walls of houses. Underground termites build shelter drains made of mud, dirt and debris to reach the food source without being visible. These brown drains often appear from outside walls reaching inside the houses or the source of wood. Another big sign of termites being found is termite wings in the house. Winged termites usually arrive first in homes. These termites often leave remnants of their feathers on the window and floor, indicating that the termite is in homes. If there is a hollow or paper sound when playing wood, it is also a sign of termites in homes. Usually termites eat the wood completely from inside, leaving a thin layer of outer wood or paint. For this reason, a hollow or paper sound is produced by knocking on such wood which indicates the termite in the house.

If any such indication is found in the houses, then there is a need for immediate termite treatment and control.

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