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Almost every home which seems to be good needs a pest control treatment now you may ask why? Because pest’s infestation is a serious problem causes bed health allergy asthma and many more disease in humans. So here we Clear pest control give you a High Care against Pests at your home and give you a complete control or Pest control services come that play to cope with these demanding situations. With our advanced approach, ability, more advanced tools and techniques, we are fulfilling a large amount of demand from families who needs smart and safe harmless and healthy home and can tolerate less hassle and headache of pests.

We are giving a new edge to India and offering a services related to Cockroach Control, Bed bugs control, Termite control and treatment to mosquito Control Rodent Control and solutions of problems to every other pest problem.


We use of only pesticides approved by CIBI, and also ensure these are safe for not only for kids but also for elders and pets at your home. We aim to get rid of your house from every pest problems.


Pest Control services provided

Cockroach Pest Control- In this service, government-approved Gel is used for a cockroach control treatment.  For immediate control we use spray so that cockroach control infestation can be diminished immediately. These treatments are done by our highest quality chemicals which act as control cockroaches as well as for ants’ control. We advise you take one year service as one time cockroaches control treatment is fade after a quarter . We assure cleaning of cockroaches from every single corner of your house or workplace including kitchen wardrobes and other hiding places and assure a clean home.

Bed Bug Control – To perform a real bed bug pest control, there is no need to emptying your place a where bed bugs is hiding. First we apply a spray to outer-side of infested from bed bugs so that no exterior movement happen of bed bugs then we spray all your furniture clothes mattresses and other household items. However, bed bug eggs don’t get demolished firstly so a additional round of bed bug control is essential, to remove the newly hatched eggs.

Termite Control –Clear pest control gives you a best price termite control package and we are the best seller basic and premium residents service to get rid of termites from your house .We first  DRILL at very low 6mm holes which do not destroy visible importance of your furniture or wood design then we fill the holes with certified and herbal or safe chemicals  and then we seal the hole with chalk and white cement  to stop further infestation this will create chemical wall to kill termites during their movement. This termite control service identifies the infected areas, stops surviving termites in that area and doesn’t allow development in the similar place over again.

Mosquito Control – we does the mosquitoes control in the some stages first the mosquitoes like insects are jammed from propagation inside, while also removing them to come back to your home. This spray method stops the mosquitoes from outside areas and gives a complete mosquitoes control at your place we also spray in corners doors and on walls and curtains with your permission to get rid of mosquitoes resting and breeding in every possible places.

Wood Borer & Rodent - The cost of wood damages invited from wood treatment and cares is tremendously expensive and that’s why it’s top to shield yourself from the beginning. Clear pest control provides a  wood borer treatment and pest control for wood resolves all problems  and  our experts insert wood chemicals into the fleapits created by wood borers in your furniture and woods by using spray techniques with advance technique. We also assure to stop it so that no further damage is possible.

We provide hygienic and safe pest treatment from pests  at your place. We hire and train every technician to give expertise and best pest control services to our clients or customers . Cutomers  can trust us and feel free for worth of their each penny to assess good quality pest control


1.       Is pest control safe and harmless for and pregnant women, children pets, elderly?

Answer: We use 100% safe chemicals for pest treatment.

2.       Can I use pest control services if anyone in family has allergies?

Answer:  Yes Safe, As Clear Pest Control use harmless chemicals even safe for kids and allergic persons under supervision of skilled staff. Frequent service is needed for better results.

3.       How often should I be getting pest control done?

Answer: For cockroaches treatment we suggest take year service

4.       Which all pests are protected in our service?

Answer: Termite Control, Mosquitoes Control, Bed Bug Control, Wood Borer, Dengue and similar pests at household.

5.       How quickly can I feel to get results?

Answer: In Most cases it takes two week to see result after pest treatment.

Clear Pest Control’s gives the knowledge to customer for long lasting pests’ free environment and all health related issues and suggests best pest treatment.

We also provide premium plans with extended warranty.


Just sit back and let our Clear pest control India residential services remove all your residential infestation doubts at house. Contact Clear Pest right now (7976450326)!


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