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Before Going to actual 4 Best Ways to Get Rid Of Cockroaches we first see how cockroaches flourish and hide? So Actually cockroaches flourish very quickly and easily in moisture and darkness. It is equally difficult to get rid of them, because in today’s modular kitchens they find a lot of hiding places very easily, and most of the time, the darkness from the doors that are closed and the water from the sink connected with the moisture from the sink Provides favorable conditions for them to flourish.

get rid of cockroaches

How to get rid of cockroaches ,tips are here:

No. 1- With the help of bay leaves

One of the most effective ways to get rid of cockroaches in the kitchen is to use bay leaves. Mash the few leaves of bay leaves in different corners of the kitchen and the cockroaches run away with its fragrance. Keep in mind that these leaves keep changing from time to time.

No 2 – Use of cloves

You can get rid of cockroaches by keeping a few cloves buds in the kitchen drawers, making sure that the clove smell is strong. Do not use old or long-standing clove as it reduces its smell. Keep changing those buds from time to time.

No. 3 Use of Neem

Neem is a panacea for many problems in itself. You can use both neem oil or powder to get rid of cockroaches. You can add Neem oil or powder before going to sleep at night in a dark and damp place in the kitchen, you will be able to see the results yourself in the morning. Keep repeating this from time to time.

No. 4 – Mixing of boric powder and sugar

Make a mixture by taking the same amount of boric powder and sugar and put it in the corners of the kitchen, especially in places where there is more darkness and moisture, change in short time period.

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